Roman Malanke

USA Trip: The First Day

It feels really great when your dreams come true. I am really happy now, sitting in cozy little hostel room in beautiful Harlem, Manhattan. The first ever long-distance traveling experience, the first ever visit to the United States, the first ever acquaintance with New York, the multicultural capital of the world. All of this produces so many emotions that it’s hard to fall asleep even despite huge tiredness of all day walking.

New York leaves amazing impression on someone from Ukraine who’s never been abroad. The city is so diverse and motley, so liberal and contemporary, that your head can’t stop spinning around trying to catch everything. The fashion is by no means limited. As my friend put it: “The word ‘weirdo’ isn’t applicable in this city”.

People are very nice and polite. Everyone says “thank you” on each smallest occasion. People with so many cultural backgrounds can be seen around, that word “Babylon” is first that comes to mind. During one day in New York I heard people around me speaking at least ten different languages. A heaven for polyglots, this city is. Spanish is heard about just as often as English, which pleases me a lot.

During our first day of excursions we walked half the way down Manhattan, starting from Harlem, heading through beautiful Central Park and making long stop at Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibitions there are very impressive. I’ve never seen so many world known masterpieces with my own eyes. Seeing original canvases created by Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso couldn’t leave me untouched.

After getting so much esthetic pleasure, we set forward to Broadway, Times Square and Empire State Building. Peeping into several shops on our way we realized that prices on clothes and electronics are about the same as in Kyiv. Here the world “globalization” came to mind.

Altogether, during the day I took almost three hundred photos, so that I would be able to tell my friends and relatives about New York in the smallest detail.