Roman Malanke

Prague Trip & Radiohead Concert

Yesterday I returned home from a wonderful trip to Czech Republic, where accompanied by five friends I spent great seven days exploring Prague and attended the concert of my favorite music band Radiohead. From there I brought tons of positive impressions and for the first time in my life I didn’t really want to go back home.

Prague is definitely the most beautiful city I’ve seen so far and looks like a great place to live. Everything there seems to be in a perfect order, very neat and cozy. The whole town is like one single place for a romantic walk. Labyrinths of tiny narrow streets, paved squares surrounded by marvelous architecture inspire the soul and awaken the desire to do something creative.

It is not surprising then that thousands of tourists from everywhere are seen all around Prague. I was amazed to see even bigger diversity of people than in New York City — Spanish, German, Dutch, American, Russian, Chinese, Israeli and many others. It’s worth saying that we didn’t have any problems communicating with locals because the Czech language is very similar to Ukrainian and most of youth speaks some English.

Having only seven days and wanting to see as much as possible we run through major tourist sites in express mode. Among others we’ve been to Prague Castle, Prague Zoo, all major cathedrals, bridges, squares and parks.

Also we spent two days out of Prague going to Karlovy Vary and Kutna Hora. Deciding to check out all available means of intercity transport we went to Karlovy Vary by bus and to Kutna Hora by train. The 200 km bus ride cost us about €6 one way. For that price we got bus equipped with an attendant, free coffee and… free WiFi connection during the whole journey! The last thing made my jaw drop especially low.

The transport in Prague itself is pretty expensive for visitors. One ticket that gives you permission to travel up to 75 minutes on metro, bus or tram costs about €1. I think during 7 days each of us spent not less than €25 on public transport. But the service is worth every cent of its price. The trams are comfortable, silent and air-conditioned and they go strictly in accordance to the schedule.

The debut play of Radiohead in Kafka’s town seemed to be quite an important event in city’s cultural life. I’ve seen at least two major newspapers with Thom Yorke on the first page and big advertising posters were seen in many crowded places. The organization was really good, especially for us from Ukraine who are used to barbarous security personnel and poorly thought-out logistics during concerts in Kyiv. The sound quality and overall atmosphere were great. I stood most of show with my mouth wide open not believing that I am really there watching and listening.

Overall I left very satisfied with the trip and now all I want to do is make my small contribution in changing Ukraine to be as good of a place as Czech Republic!