Roman Malanke

Radiohead Will Play in Prague!

Unbelievable! Radiohead is coming to Prague and I’m going there! Whoo-hoo!

My friend called today and said that Radiohead will perform an open-air gig in Prague in August. After no more than 2 seconds of doubts we agreed that this is our chance and we’re not gonna missed it. No matter how high the price is and how difficult it will be to get the tickets we should go there. Right away I abandoned my plans to visit Poland this year.

After that initial excitement I nearly died when saw on official Radiohead site that all the tickets had been sold in less than one day. I became frustrated — it just couldn’t be truth. But luckily there was another place where tickets were being sold — some local Czech site.

So, now we have an adventure to go through — make all necessary arrangements and collect some money to materialize two dreams in one — visit Prague and attend a Radiohead live performance!