Roman Malanke

Thank You, Year 2011

The year that is about to end was super-exciting for me in all dimensions. I tried, accomplished, experienced, and learned lots of new things. At the same time I reaffirmed my beliefs and grew my love to all the good things I knew before. My proactive habits became more internalized, more part of me, to the point where I decided to switch to so-called “goalless” approach in self-development.

I feel I no longer need to set concrete goals and create detailed action plans to achieve them. Instead, just by doing things that seem right in any given moment I can be accomplishing big things. Therefore for 2012 I will not be defining any specific goals like I have done before. In fact I got rid of the pages where I had listed my goals for preceding years altogether.

Here are some of the good things that I’m happy to have done in 2011:

  • Started treating sleep, nutrition and exercise as #1 priority in life
  • Became even better swimmer and runner
  • Blogged regularly on and on Malanke aprende español
  • Redesigned both sites getting rid of unnecessary clutter
  • Optimized self-management approach and systems
  • Visited Spain for the first time staying at Barcelona, Seville and Madrid
  • Visited Florida for the first time, staying at Miami Beach and travelling to Key West
  • Had a great vacation on Crete with my girlfriend
  • Became fluent in Spanish with the help of my wonderful intercambio friends
  • Read “One Hundred Years of Solitude” in Spanish
  • Participated in a real marathon
  • Improved relationships with the people I care about
  • Became a better employee and a better manager at work

I’m sure even more exciting things will happen in 2012.

I wish everyone a very healthy and fruitful year.

Happy Holidays!