Roman Malanke

Acquaintance with the D.C. Metro Area

My fifth visit to the USA has come to its end so quickly I barely noticed how the week has passed. Now I’m sitting in the Dulles airport waiting for the flight back home and enjoying a pure American lunch in the form of tuna salad sandwich with a can of coke. As it is my tradition, I’m going to make a little record of the impressions collected during this travel.

This year my company delighted me by selecting yet another location in the USA for its annual get-together — Washington D.C. Metro Area — where I have never been before. So I happily packed my backpack, put on my favorite running shoes, grabbed the camera and jumped on a plane hoping to combine business with tourism.

For the first several days I stayed in the center of Washington city, in a walking distance from all the most famous attractions like the White House, the Washington Monument, Lincoln and Jefferson memorials, the National Mall, the Capitol, Smithsonian museums, and others. And I walked through all of these during two days, savoring fresh air and feeding incredibly friendly but demanding squirrels with chocolate granola bars.

Besides architectural landmarks I also took many pictures of cozy and green neighborhoods, and most importantly I enriched my collection of sewer hatches photos with tons of beautiful specimens. Starting from this trip I decided to photograph the noses of my shoes on the edge of each hatch to convey the idea of its size, which gives me a good excuse to visit all the good places I’ve been to before for the second time at some point.

After the tourism program was over I moved to a wonderful golf resort in Virginia, where I spend two days in productive meetings with my colleagues from all over the world. One of the nights my local friend and colleague took me out and showed me a glimpse of D.C.’s nightlife, which was a lot of fun.

Overall I’m very satisfied with the visit. Despite the busy schedule I had, I feel refreshed and inspired to return to the normal working mode for the next couple of weeks, after which new travel adventures are coming. Alright, it’s time for me to go board the plane. It looks like Kyiv is waiting for me with the wonderful sunny weather!